One day while I was surfing the my different boards on pintrest..I got and idea to look for different projects,to just pop top and plastic shopping bag…I created new boards for both.. this is where I learned that have a name for plastic bag yarn PLARN !

So I was on a mission to learn more about this plarn…how to make it into yarn to use it ..everything !! 

I went to YouTube to learn how  to make it into yarn..(my dh thought I lost my mind lol) I then went back to Pintrest to find a project and get to inspiration!!

This weekend on your way to my parents place UpNorth I tried out one I found and make not two kids a bracket with pop top and the plarn..they turned out good and the kids loved them..but I wanted to see what else I could make with it .


This is what I made..I used a “c” hook and hdc and i think it came out pretty good !!

What do you think ? Have you worked with plarn ? I would love to hear from other crochet nuts/crafters/knitter about that you alphabet tried !!


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