My Opinion of a Seeminly Hot Topic in Crochet

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I read an article the other day from Sedruola Maruska of Yarn Obsession.  She wrote the article earlier this year and evidently someone recently had issue with it.  She posted on her Facebook page that she again researched her findings and stood by her article.  Sedie was talking about a hot topic in the crochet world where people release their patterns (free or paid) and then decide to tell others they can’t sell items made from their patterns.  Here is the entire article if you care to read about it.  I’ve been thinking about what Sedie had to say and want to express my own personal views.

I agree with Sedie’s article completely.  How could anyone “police” whether someone is selling items made from their patterns?  Why would you want to?  I couldn’t imagine the amount of energy it would take to try to manage something of that magnitude. …

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