The Minions are coming

Ok , so my house is big fans of the Minions ( who not right!)

So on day while looking on Interest (my other addiction ) I started seeing crochet minions ….mmmm I thought to myself !

After some looking around I found a few I liked…my kids urged me to go get me some yarn at Jo-anns .. “I deserved it ” they said

With that I could say no 😉

They helped me pick out the colors I need …and I found so marked down yarn too!!! Yeah me !!

My dh believes my blue is off ..but I am having a hard time finding a Jean color it might have to make a few with the different blues to see .lol

This is a navy blue..looks black in the photo..


But I think I am going to finish him with it …then just make another one with the lighter color blue  I found in my stash of yarn 😉

I will post an update later when I finish this one…and more photos if I get my minion army together !!

Follow me for more updates. 🙂

Here are the finished minions..I made these for my babysitter to give to her kids for Christmas…There mostly will be more after Christmas. ..I will post pics when done: )


One thought on “The Minions are coming

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