My Crochet adventure

It has been a while.. Busy life.. Kids.. Work.. Church.. But here a alittle of what I have been up too 😀


This is made from reclaimed chiffon Ribbon yarn and a reclaimed cotton yarn from DGY.com awesome place to help other and get great yarn.. I made this and donated to my church teens.. They had an dinner and auction to raise money for the mission trip to Haiti..


Time for fall with some fall leaves


My son new winter hat made with reflection yarn from red heart.. In his favorite baseball team 😀


Some fountain pen I am working on 😀


This is my knitting project.. I had to learn so I could teach my 10 year old


My first slouchy hat… Gave it to my niece.. Made her day 💜💜


Got this from a friend at a garage sale for 20 bucks best deal all summer 👍👍

Have a blessed day can’t wait to hear from you all :)💞


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