Ocean Samba Skirt by Sea Snail Shell

I love this idea..what little girl wouldn’t!

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Ocean Samba Skirt by Sea Snail Shell


This Ocean Samba Skirt by Sea Snail Shell combines techniques of hairpin lace crochet and knitting. Just looking at this picture makes me want to learn these techniques. For pattern, check Sea Snail Shell Ravelry page. For more lovely patterns and beautiful pictures, you can visit the Sea Snail Shell blog.



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The Minions are coming

Ok , so my house is big fans of the Minions ( who not right!)

So on day while looking on Interest (my other addiction ) I started seeing crochet minions ….mmmm I thought to myself !

After some looking around I found a few I liked…my kids urged me to go get me some yarn at Jo-anns .. “I deserved it ” they said ..lol

With that I could say no 😉

They helped me pick out the colors I need …and I found so marked down yarn too!!! Yeah me !!

My dh believes my blue is off ..but I am having a hard time finding a Jean color blue..so it might have to make a few with the different blues to see .lol

This is a navy blue..looks black in the photo..


But I think I am going to finish him with it …then just make another one with the lighter color blue  I found in my stash of yarn 😉

I will post an update later when I finish this one…and more photos if I get my minion army together !!

Follow me for more updates. 🙂

Here are the finished minions..I made these for my babysitter to give to her kids for Christmas…There mostly will be more after Christmas. ..I will post pics when done: )


One day while I was surfing the my different boards on pintrest..I got and idea to look for different projects,to just pop top and plastic shopping bag…I created new boards for both.. this is where I learned that have a name for plastic bag yarn PLARN !

So I was on a mission to learn more about this plarn…how to make it into yarn ..how to use it ..everything !! 

I went to YouTube to learn how  to make it into yarn..(my dh thought I lost my mind lol) I then went back to Pintrest to find a project and get to inspiration!!

This weekend on your way to my parents place UpNorth I tried out one I found and make not two kids a bracket with pop top and the plarn..they turned out good and the kids loved them..but I wanted to see what else I could make with it .


This is what I made..I used a “c” hook and hdc and i think it came out pretty good !!

What do you think ? Have you worked with plarn ? I would love to hear from other crochet nuts/crafters/knitter about that you alphabet tried !!

My Opinion of a Seeminly Hot Topic in Crochet

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I read an article the other day from Sedruola Maruska of Yarn Obsession.  She wrote the article earlier this year and evidently someone recently had issue with it.  She posted on her Facebook page that she again researched her findings and stood by her article.  Sedie was talking about a hot topic in the crochet world where people release their patterns (free or paid) and then decide to tell others they can’t sell items made from their patterns.  Here is the entire article if you care to read about it.  I’ve been thinking about what Sedie had to say and want to express my own personal views.

I agree with Sedie’s article completely.  How could anyone “police” whether someone is selling items made from their patterns?  Why would you want to?  I couldn’t imagine the amount of energy it would take to try to manage something of that magnitude. …

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