Sting Ray


So one day I was showing my dd  what the type of Potholder looked like that my grandma & great grandma first thought me to crochet.. My son says that a sting ray!  So I made them both one.. I just gave it eyes and a long tail.. They love it 🙂


My Crochet adventure

It has been a while.. Busy life.. Kids.. Work.. Church.. But here a alittle of what I have been up too 😀


This is made from reclaimed chiffon Ribbon yarn and a reclaimed cotton yarn from DGY.com awesome place to help other and get great yarn.. I made this and donated to my church teens.. They had an dinner and auction to raise money for the mission trip to Haiti..


Time for fall with some fall leaves


My son new winter hat made with reflection yarn from red heart.. In his favorite baseball team 😀


Some fountain pen I am working on 😀


This is my knitting project.. I had to learn so I could teach my 10 year old


My first slouchy hat… Gave it to my niece.. Made her day 💜💜


Got this from a friend at a garage sale for 20 bucks best deal all summer 👍👍

Have a blessed day can’t wait to hear from you all :)💞

Some help please

All of my Crochet friends help me out.. How  did you come up with you crochet name? I need some tips, ideas, suggestions!
I have been racking my brain…  and would love to hear some Ideas to get my brain moving ☺

Can wait to hear from all of you ❤☺
Update:Aug 20th
I think God has lead me to my name.. I have had 2things such in my head purple and my faith in God.. 2 of my loves.. So here it isimage

MI Purple Hook Cre8tions…
So what do you think?
Can’t wait to hear from ya!

Been to long away

Here are a few things I have done 🙂 Enjoy !!

C2C shawl i made of easter

C2C shawl i made of easter

Mother / Daughter Angel's made for my mom

Mother / Daughter Angel’s made for my mom

AG Dress made for birthday gift for DD friend

AG Dress made for birthday gift for DD friend

Another AG outfit for a friends

Another AG outfit for a friends


This is just a a few .. I keep going and have filled half of a gallon ziplock bag


Basketweave skirt


middle of shrug basketweave


baby dress


second baby dress


toddles dress made for my niece


shrug for my DD ..I made while on vacation

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Well it has been way to long since i have posted..Life has been busy ..I still make time to create and crochet !!
I have made my first toddler and baby dresses ,went bow crazy,did some american doll outfits , working on handwarmers for charity, and tons more !!


C2C crazy

I learned how to do the corner to corner stitch and I have found many different projects I can get it to work on…

It all started when I watched a how 2 on YouTube from crochet crowd between Christmas and new years… I made what I call a wrap-lapgan for my Grandma who was always saying she was cold but a big blanket would not work.. for she could trip over it…

My grandma Loves it.. She calls it her security blanket.. See 2 year ago we lost my grandpa and she wasn’t handling it well.. Which has lead to health issues and such… Any way..

I then made me a poncho of many colors 😉
Then I had a few friends/coworkers who fell ill that I made them one like my grandma’s

I also figured out how to make circle scarf with it too.. Had a customer last week want 3 circle scarfs so I figured why not try it out.. Turned out great…
I will post pictures as soon as I can of them.. My phone won’t let me right now 😦
Would love to here from you 🙂

My New Year so far

0106141530a  So far this Year I have been busy …This is my Second C2C this year first one I made into a lapgan/wrap.. This will be a shawl.

I also made my little man some boot warmers … I have a list of  crocheted Items that my friends and family have requested me to make:)

It looks as if my Year is going to be full of plenty for me to do and share..

The best part of making things is sharing them with others and seeing them enjoy it 🙂

Love to hear what is on your hooks !!

Holiday madness

Well I have been busy trying to get gifts done for Christmas


This is a dress I made for my niece..for her American Doll had to use my dd doll..I also made a wrap , and a ruffle scarf



For my youngest niece I made her so far 2 winter hats a stuffed animal bear(still have to embroider the eyes and mouth: ( I am not good at that) , and a Christmas ornament that I put the scrap yarn from what crocheted for her in it

When I have a better pic of that I will post it..
I also made a purple minion and yellow one for my sitter..I just update my Minion post with that pic: )

Hopefully after the Christmas season has passed I will have more time to post more often! !


A co-worker asked me a few months ago if I could make handwarmers that look like cut of gloves…it looked at a few different patterns. ..


And after making the two cuff made from one pattern. . I decided to do it my own way..


This was the first finished warmer (above)
Hopefully this is what she was thinking.
I may be making me my one pair
Keep on creating …thank you for reading!