C2C crazy

I learned how to do the corner to corner stitch and I have found many different projects I can get it to work on…

It all started when I watched a how 2 on YouTube from crochet crowd between Christmas and new years… I made what I call a wrap-lapgan for my Grandma who was always saying she was cold but a big blanket would not work.. for she could trip over it…

My grandma Loves it.. She calls it her security blanket.. See 2 year ago we lost my grandpa and she wasn’t handling it well.. Which has lead to health issues and such… Any way..

I then made me a poncho of many colors 😉
Then I had a few friends/coworkers who fell ill that I made them one like my grandma’s

I also figured out how to make circle scarf with it too.. Had a customer last week want 3 circle scarfs so I figured why not try it out.. Turned out great…
I will post pictures as soon as I can of them.. My phone won’t let me right now 😦
Would love to here from you 🙂


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