Curly Q Crazy

Have you ever got started on something just to have something to crochet ? Well Wednesday I had to take my oldest to a dr. appointment and my tote bag project was just a little big to take along. So I just started something new !! I didn’t know what yet..I grab some white cotton yarn and a hook E  I believe and started hoooking…I got a row done …and thought what is this going to be ? LIGHT BULB !! Curly Q’s they are fast and  simple enough to do .

So I get home and I have 5 or 6 done….what to do with them now ? Then the Ideas started popping in my head … Hair Accessories !!! Hat Topper !!  jewelry !!

OK , so now I have Ideas now let see what I come up with 🙂

Well I am glad to say that I have spread my Craziness to my DD she asked me to teach her how to make the Curly Q’s after she seen a ponytail holder I made ..Now we are both Hooked !! lol    She is new to crochet but learns very quick . She is making cloths for her Barbie dolls..Just like I use to do after I started learning. I would just make it up as I went along tell it turned out the way I wanted 🙂

Well all, I am going to get back to my  Curly Q’s after I get a few creation done that I am happy with I will post some photos to this blog 🙂
Here is one of my curly Q. Creations!

It a adjustable girls head band!

Thank You for Reading…Keep your creativity going and crochet something 🙂


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