Ruffle Tote Bag

So I was sitting looking at my yarn in my crochet bag..wondering ” what should I make ?”

My eye went to this ruffle yarn I picked up at my favorite craft store a week or so ago… So I picked the Happy Pinks Starbella and some white yarn. Now to come up with a project !!!

So I started making a chain….

I learned a new stitch around Father’s Day and I wanted to use it on this project . But what could it be ? I know a ruffle bag…I made a purse for my kid’s school fair to be ruffled off… But I wanted something different and more useful.

So it hit me I was going to make a tote …Something that can be used more and pretty 🙂

I have it half done I did ruffles and now I am working on the top half. I am hoping to have it done b4 I go to work tomorrow night 😛

Here it is! I will add another photo when I finish!
I have finish the bag.. Now I just have to figure what kind of handles will go good on it…. Stay tuned for more updates!
Thank you for Reading and keep your hooks working!


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