Twitching for something to make

OK ! so I am  working on a small project for my little baby bunny . I use some miro cord and made a leash and now I am working on a harnis..The harnis is made with sock yarn and a D hook. I wanted it to be sort and have a little stretch. I am designing as I go lol!

But there is a problem it is taking longer for me to get it done for 2 reasons  1. small hook small yarn I go a little slower 2. I keep stopping and look trying to find some new to start !!

Now normally I can stay on one project and finish it  …BUT since it is taking longer then my mind wants it to take … my creative mind keeps wondering to pintrest and look for some NEW  & COOL that I MUST DO   !!

DO you have this problem tooo ??? Please share 🙂


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