Lion head rabbit

I never heard of it before this Friday. My dh and my children cane home after a day out and about while I got my sleep. I work nights!
When they came home the kids where all exited about this bunny they got to pet at the lawnmower parts shop. Dh had to fill in the detail lol. But after a short talk we desided to get use a pet!
So yesterday we took a hour drive to the lays farm.
After getting to see some kid goats,


chickens, roosters, horses and playing with 4 black bunnies we picked one we liked.


This is Princess Leia our new family member!
The kids had a blast at the farm and we made some new friends the too 🙂
Dh got to fly his rc wing over some farm land (fpv). So it was a great day!

I will keep you up on our new adventure with Leia 🙂

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