Crochet Nut !!

OK ! So I was reflecting last night while at work about how far I have come in the last year and a half .

It started on New Years Day 2012 when after being a “Hooker”( yes this is what they call people who crochet) for 22 + years I decided I was going to make myself  learn how to read a pattern with the Lords help of course . Because let be honest you need HIS help to figure them out 🙂 Can I get an Amen !!

I mean if you would have told me 2 years ago that I would crochet stuffed animals,ties,hat,wallets,wire jewelry list goes on.. and read a pattern to do it I would have thought you lost your mind !! I have been trying to translate them for YEARS !!

I have grown so much in my crochet in the last year or two !! The speed I can crochet has increased a great deal..So now I can make more people happy sooner 🙂 But the down fall is when I don’t get something done when my mind thinks I should ..I get  antsie

But I am so happy and blessed for my gift of creativity..Because I truly have something I LOVE to do that I can share with others that make them happy too !!!! There is nothing happier for me to make something and give it to someone who loves it too !!

Right now I am working on a wallet !! Can you believe it !! If I get it done before Sunday it will be part of my gift to my dad 🙂

Thank You for reading and keep crocheting 🙂



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