Teacher gifts


I make these 2 dollies for my dd and ds teachers as part of the end of the year gifts.
I don’t have a pattern.. I like with dollies to just create! I normally don’t have a plan design I just crochet and see what I end up with. These I wanted ruffles on them that was the only plan 🙂
My loves also want a little crocheted lion for there teachers. Each a different color.. My kids little guy want the lion purple and pink 🙂 my dd said purple too but I think that will change.. I will post pictures if I get the both done b4 this Tuesday afternoon :-!

This is the stuffed animals my dear children picked for me to make and the colors they wanted. I got both patterns out of the book in the picture.. I did make the mane bigger on the lion and gave the owl( snow owl) tail feather. We think the snow owl looks like a penguin 😉

Thanks for reading that a blessed day!


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